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Nishman Fresh Active Shaving Clear Gel

Nishman Fresh Active Shaving Clear Gel

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Upgrade your shaving routine with the best quality gel on the market. NISHMAN shaving gel provides faster shaving with less amount of use compared to shaving creams. However, it provides transparency in the area where it is applied, so you can see where the razor on your razor has passed before. Shaving gel creates a layer between the blade and your skin, protecting it from cuts, nicks and most importantly, razor burns.

• Provides the visibility of the floor during application
• Prevents irritation on your skin with its special formula
• Does not require the use of hot towels
• Provides a smooth and clean shave.
• Moisturizes your skin
• Provides a more pleasant shaving opportunity with its refreshing and fresh scent.

Wet the skin. Apply a small amount of Nishman Shaving Gel to your fingertips or directly to the area to be shaved. Gently massage onto wet skin where shaving gel has been applied for a smooth shave, shave securely, then rinse.

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