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Nishman Fiber Hair Coconut Pomade 100ml

Nishman Fiber Hair Coconut Pomade 100ml

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NISHMAN Fiber Cream Pomade F1 provides flexible hold, unlike SPIDER WAXes, with its spider web effect while styling your hair, thanks to its special formula that provides a well-groomed and shiny appearance to your hair. With this product, you will enjoy the shiny and flexible hold while creating the best hairstyles that will last all day without leaving any residue on your hair. It reflects your style with your strong and flexible hair look all day long.

  • Fun and easy app
  • Giving volume and styling to the hair
  • Easy to clean from hair with its water-based structure
  • Giving natural shine to hair
  • Special formulation that does not leave residue on the hair
  • Providing freshness to your hair all day long with its fantastic fruit scent.

How to use ? 

With the help of your fingers, a hazelnut-sized amount of NISHMAN Fiber Effect Hair Styling Cream Pomade No.F1 wax is taken. After it is distributed evenly in the palms, it is applied to dry or damp hair with the help of your hands. If desired, for more fun and more effective hairstyles, after rubbing in the palms, the hands are whipped by hitting each other on both sides. In the meantime, an image similar to a spider web is formed on the palm. By leaving these nets on the hair to be applied, the hair is shaped again with the help of your hands or a suitable comb. It will easily come out of your hair by washing with shampoo.

Care Instructions

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