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Nishman Beard & Mustache Balm 100ml

Nishman Beard & Mustache Balm 100ml

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Nishman beard and mustache shaping and care wax is created with completely natural ingredients and provides a superior function to shape and care for your beard and mustache. Thanks to its 100% natural oils, it nourishes and strengthens your beard and mustache. Say hello to the beard and mustache that makes a name for itself with our product that we have developed with its unique woody scent.

Miraculous oils in its content:  
Nishman beard and mustache balm contains + jojoba oil + argan oil + sunflower oil + olive oil + sweet almond oil   

Use of :   Before applying Nishman  beard & mustache styling balm, wash your beard and mustache and dry it with a comb. Take a pea-sized amount of wax by rubbing the product on the reverse with the fingernail of your index finger. 

Take it between your thumb and forefinger and melt it by rubbing with the help of body heat. Apply to your mustache and beard by giving it the shape you want. If the area to be applied is large (the entire beard area), take a certain amount on your palm and apply it by melting it. 

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