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Nishman After Shave Cologne 07 Gold One

Nishman After Shave Cologne 07 Gold One

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Feel the invigorating power of Nishman After Shave Cologne #07 Gold One. This luxurious scent is designed with a strong base of masculine notes and is expertly blended with light florals and spices for a timeless, yet modern, aroma. The perfect finishing touch for any shave.

It can be used daily on your hands and face after or before shaving. Cologne occupies an important place in our daily life. In its unique bottle, our No.07 cologne, with citrus red tangerine, grapefruit and mint tones in the top note, rose oil, cinnamon and spice in the middle note, contains a genuine leather scent as well as a woody herbal and unique amber scent in the base note. No.07 cologne, which consists of the perfect harmony of these different notes, will catch a magnificent harmony with your skin and its scent will show its effect all day.

Nishman After Shave Cologne  07 Gold One Product features:  
• Suitable for All Skin Types  
• Soothes and Refreshes the Skin  
• Specially designed 400 ML Bottle Size  (1 Bottle of 400ml will be shipped)
• Its scent is long lasting.

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