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Nishman After Shave Cologne 06 Aqua di Asil

Nishman After Shave Cologne 06 Aqua di Asil

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Nishman After Shave Cologne 06 Aqua di Asil takes the allure of cologne to the next level. With a carefully-crafted blend of spice and aquatic notes, this sophisticated fragrance encapsulates the wearer in an aura of luxury. Aquatic aromas invite freshness, while the hint of spices ensures a distinctive, exclusive panache that sets the tone for any occasion. Discreetly indulgent and irresistibly inviting, Nishman After Shave Cologne leaves a lasting impression with its modern, masculine elegance.

It can be easily used daily on your hands and face before or after shaving. Cologne occupies an important place in our daily life. In its unique bottle, the top note is Bergamot, sea notes, middle note cranberry, rosemary, sage and finally the base note is a strong, woody, balsamic, musk scent. At the same time, patchouli with aphrodisiac effect and incense are in perfect harmony. It will blend perfectly with your skin and its scent will show its effect all day.

Nishman After Shave Cologne  06 Aqua di Asil At a glance:  
● Ideal for all types of skin 
● Comes in a family sized bottle 
● Comforts the skin and refreshes 
● Available in a 400ml special & attractive bottle  (1 400ml Bottle for this purchase)
● It’s fragrance would last hours
● Masculine scent for the Active Man

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