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Nishman After Shave Cologne 01 Antartica

Nishman After Shave Cologne 01 Antartica

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Nishman After Shave Cologne 01 Antartica provides an indulgent sensory experience with its blend of citrus and floral fragrances. The invigorating scent is sure to set you apart, evoking the icy exoticism of the Antarctic and creating a contemporary aura of sophistication and luxury. A perfect addition to any refined gentleman’s grooming ritual.

Nishman Aftershave Cologne 400 ML / with mist sprayer  
01 ANTARCTICA // LOVELY REBUL ICE SCENT Version with Extra Freshness 400ml

Product Details:

One of the best from NISHMAN Cologne Series. This cologne is a "perfect match for the Active Man". Comes in a 400ml suitable size & attractive bottles. Known for it's aromatic, masculine smell, which lasts all day long, and isn't too overpowering on the senses.

A cologne that's excellent value for money. At a glance:  
● Ideal for all types of skin 
● Comes in a family sized bottle 
● Comforts the skin and refreshes 
● Available in a 400ml special & attractive bottle 
● It’s fragrance would last hours 
● Masculine scent for the Active Man

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