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Matador Toro Mastiff Double Edge Razor - Largo

Matador Toro Mastiff Double Edge Razor - Largo

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Achieve the perfect shave every time with the Matador Toro Mastiff Double Edge Razor. Built with precision craftsmanship, the Largo design grants users plenty of grip while delivering a comfortable hold. Enjoy a luxury shaving experience with a razor worthy of a master barber. Enjoy a barbershop quality shave at home and start looking and feeling your best!

This razor is the longer version of the Toro Mastiff.  Same head, only different and longer handle.

This razor is an aggressive razor with an wider opening.  The razor is one of the most aggressive razors in the market, but with the right blades you get the perfect shave. This razor comes in different color varieties.  Choose your model below.

This razor comes with 10 Red Personna Double Blades.

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